Public Affairs in the energy landscape?A true craft!

18 years ago already, Walk the Talk helped pave the way for the liberation of the energy sector. Walk the Talk lives energy. Energy transition is a hot topic the world over, including in Belgium. Society is quickly changing. Sustainable thinking and action in the corporate world is more relevant than ever before. Are you considering establishing a company in Belgium or developing a major construction, utilities, or energy project there? Then Walk the Talk is the place to be. Public Affairs is finding the right contacts and maintaining a beneficial and deontologically sound relationship with political administrative authorities and politicians, but above all it is the art of gaining prior insight in a structured and methodical manner into the drives and interests of your stakeholders, for instance during policy-making and legislative activities. Not an easy task. The Belgian state structure consists of one federal government, three regional governments, and two communities, and feels like a labyrinth. It is a true challenge finding out what authority is competent for what policy domains, whom to best approach, what procedures one has to follow, and what unwritten rules apply. Walk the Talk feels right at home in the Belgian political arena. Seek professional, deontologically sound, and personal support. Walk the Talk saves time and provides your project with the right contacts in the short term. Politics is an art, so is Public Affairs. Politics is an art, so is Public Affairs.

Walk the 'ethics'

Walk the Talk has stamina. Engaging in ‘Public Affairs’ takes time, a great deal of patience, sound preparation and planning. Public Affairs is based on profound professional ethics, transparency, integrity, and respect. Walk the Talk thinks very highly of these professional ethics and forms the basis for all contacts with the various clients and stakeholders.

Good things come to those who wait

The government and its ministers connect citizens with society, but corporate interests do not always align with society’s interests. Do you wish to gain insight in, have an impact on Belgian policy? Easier said than done. Walk the Talk stands for openness, reliability, perseverance,respect, integrity, and does not believe in short-term lobbying. Walk the Talk wields a long-term vision aiming to support and assist businesses regarding legislative initiatives by government administrations and cabinets.Government relations often begin before the actual legislative decision and can in some cases contribute to the entire decision-making process.

Regeringsrelaties starten vaak vóór het eigenlijke wetgevingsbesluit en kunnen in sommige gevallen bijdragen aan het gehele besluitvormingsproces. If you know what you are doing, you begin where the initiative is taken. Then you consult before the ink is good and dry. After all, good things come to those who wait; and this includes Public Affairs. Walk the Talk provides the Public Affairs services listed below.

Allround Public AffairsServices

A choice for this comprehensive Public Affairs services package by Walk the Talk, is a choice to join forces. We listen and ask freely in order to really get to know your project and objectives. Using this information and following thorough analysis, Walk the Talk will draw up the appropriate strategic approach towards managing information between your enterprise, the Belgian political arena, and society. The key objective of this all-round PA package is to develop and maintain constructive relationships with politicians in order to gain an insight into and have an impact on the political arena. Walk the Talk brings the governmental environment to your enterprise. We raise your awareness and provide insight into what the government desires from your enterprise. Walk the Talk applies various types of leverage such as lobbying, issue tracking & monitoring, stakeholder mapping + outreach, events, information provision, Government Relations and networking.

Targeted LobbyingServices

You can also choose the targeted lobbying services of Walk the Talk in order to obtain short-term individual decisions (e.g. subsidy arrangements) or to obtain a specific licence. When you are considering establishing your enterprise in Belgium, then Walk the Talk will draw up a ‘game plan’; the appropriate action plan, following analysis of your objective. Such an action plan consists of detailed planning that should allow your enterprise to achieve its objective. Successful implementation requires profound knowledge of the political arena.

Government RelationsServices

Are you searching for structural and robust professional assistance for meeting with government institutions in the purview of legislative activities, then your best option is the Walk the Talk Government Relations services package. Government relations often begin before the actual legislative decision and can contribute to the entire decision-making process. Walk the Talk begins where the initiative is taken, before the ink is good and dry. We offer a structural, long-term approach. Indeed, good things come to those who wait, and this includes initiating and supporting the legislative process in Belgium. Walk the Talk operates in a correct, sincere, and targeted manner in its contacts with ministers, cabinet staffers, representatives of the people, civil servants, and researchers.

Issue Tracking & MonitoringServices

As any enterprise knows, strategic decisions require insight and a comprehensive view. With the Issue tracking and monitoring service, Walk the Talk monitors specific sector affairs and/or trends for you. We do this on the basis of our profound knowledge of the current and ever-evolving structure of the Belgian state system with its federal and regional governments and communities. By providing this immediate and highly accurate information, we allow you to make well-founded and strategic decisions for your enterprise in Belgium.